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The Black Diaspora and African American Studies Program strives to maintain contact with all alumni and friends. We would love to hear about your news and accomplishments. If you would like to share your success stories, please send an email to

We would love to post your testimonial on our website. Also, please feel free to visit our Facebook page for any updates on program news, events, and job opportunities!


Student Testimonials 

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"Becoming an African American studies minor opened up a world of education that I didn’t even know UCSD had. I didn’t realize how much of African American history is left out of education until I became a BDAAS minor. Through this experience I have had the opportunity to read incredible literature, work with Black staff and students and gain a deeper understanding of my own Blackness and history"- Leighla Buckner

The courses that I took made me feel empowered as a black woman.
Being on a campus and feeling left out with no community was hard. But taking courses in the BDAAS department made me feel a sense of community. - Robyn Bolden