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Student Resources

Professional Development

Undergraduate Research Hub (HUB)
Academic Enrichment Programs are designed to broaden your educational experience and encourage your pursuit of an advanced degree. AEP offers UC San Diego undergraduates the opportunity to obtain valuable research-oriented academic or professional preparation in virtually any academic major including science, math, engineering, social sciences and the arts and humanities. AEP initiatives are designed to encourage such students to pursue postbaccalaureate Ph.D.'s, MDs and others by providing them the experience of conducting research under the guidance of UC San Diego faculty mentors and to present research findings at noted undergraduate research conferences in the company of peers and established scientists.

Academic Internship Programs: UCDC & UC Center Sacramento Program
The Academic Internship Program allows students to integrate academic theory and 'real world' practice, engage in research that explores the relationship between the two, and gain hands-on experience in professional settings. 

UCDC provides undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in internships at Washington D.C. with other UC students. The program provides resume, cover letter and interview preparation support to help students of any major apply to internships in fields of legal, nonprofit, policy, government, education, media and more. It’s a great opportunity for students to be hands-on in a field they’re interested in and build their resume.

UCCS educates California’s future leaders in the craft of politics and policymaking, while making the expertise of faculty of the nation’s leading university available to decision-makers in the legislative and executive branches of government. 

Jacob's School of Engineering IDEA Center
The mission of the IDEA Engineering Student Center is to foster an inclusive and welcoming community, increase retention and graduation rates, and promote a sustainable culture of academic excellence among all engineering students at UC San Diego.

As the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) of UC San Diego, the Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS) facilitates the intellectual and personal development of UC San Diego students, with a particular focus on students who are first-generation, high financial need, and/or underrepresented.  Through a challenging and supportive environment that emphasizes collaboration, validation, equity, and social justice, OASIS contributes positively to students’ learning, persistence, achievement, and empowerment.

OASIS is comprised of four cohort-based communities that collectively serve ~1,000 unique students: 1) Summer Bridge (est. 1978); 2) TRIO SSSP (est. 1993); 3) 2Excel (est. 2015); 4) Hope Scholars (est. 2017).  In addition, OASIS offers academic support through our Math and Science and Language Arts Tutorial Programs that serve an additional ~1,000 unique students.  Finally, OASIS partners with organizations to offer world-class professional enrichment opportunities, such as Tau Sigma: National Transfer Honors Society, the Research Methodology Training Lab Fellowship, and the Global Seminar Fellowship.  As one of the largest student employers at UCSD, OASIS hires 250+ undergraduate student staff annually.  

The Basement
The Basement is UC San Diego's campus-wide innovation and entrepreneurial hub dedicated to supporting all students. Alumni, postdocs, faculty, staff and community members can also connect with The Basement through its various open access event programs. In alignment with UC San Diego's innovation, entrepreneurial and change maker focus, The Basement provides creative innovation space, mentorship, academic internship program centered on experiential learning, and innovation resources. 

The 45+ College Scholarships for Minority Students

published by Purdue Global. This resource shares more than 45 scholarships for future and current students to supplement the cost of their education and professional development endeavors.

The page outlines information on where to find the scholarships and grants, as well as organizes opportunities dedicated to specific demographics, including African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinx students, and several others. The featured scholarships are current and provided by trusted organizations. We consistently update the page to ensure students can apply to the most accurate opportunities available. 

All university students – regardless of college or department affiliation can access The Basement and its resources. Community-facing entrepreneurship workshops and programs offered by The Basement provide opportunities for alumni, faculty, staff and community members to get involved. Industry professionals are invited to volunteer, join The Basement network or attend open event programs.


College Scholarships for Black Students
African American students who are concerned about how to pay for their college education will need to know how to find scholarship opportunities to assist them. This guide includes information on specific scholarships, places where students can find grants and how to apply for federal and state financial aid.

Financial Aid Guide for Minority Students in Nursing
In the U.S., we are projected to experience a shortage of nurses that will only be compounded by the aging Baby Boomer generation. In order to help alleviate its effects, it’s more important than ever to encourage individuals to pursue careers in nursing and fill these job vacancies.

However, skyrocketing tuition costs deter individuals from pursuing this lucrative field – as well as contribute to the racial disparity in higher education. In an effort to make the nursing field more accessible and equitable, researched and created a financial aid guide for current and prospective nurses specifically geared towards students of minority backgrounds. The guide includes scholarship opportunities for groups under this umbrella.

United Negro College Fund
The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) has helped more than 450,000 students earn their college degrees since its founding. UNCF is the nation’s largest private scholarship provider to minority group members. Each year, UNCF awards more than $100 million in scholarships to more than 10,000 students at more than 1,100 schools across the country, including the fund's prestigious network of 37 HBCUs.

They also manage a variety of scholarship programs, such as the Fund II Foundation UNCF STEM Scholars ProgramUNCF/Koch Scholars ProgramWalton K-12 Education Fellowship and the Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Scholarship Program.


Explore the following online resources in diversity at UC San Diego: 

African Black Diaspora Living-Learning Community (ABDLLC)
Living-Learning Communities consist of a group of people who share common objectives and/or interests and who are actively engaged in learning from each other in a common living environment. These types of living environments on college campuses are associated with higher GPAs, deeper learning, increased retention rates, and increased graduation rates. 

Black Alumni Council
UC San Diego's Black Alumni Council is an affinity group organized under UC San Diego Alumni, the university's alumni association. Our mission is to positively and proactively represent UC San Diego's Black alumni and to foster a sense of community and connection amongst alumni and current students. We foster community through professional development and networking opportunities, philanthropy, and social gatherings. 

Black Life
Look through the online version of our most recent UC San Diego Black Life publication. As you peruse these pages, we hope you will be intrigued by the endless possibilities available to you at UC San Diego. We've highlighted many amazing people, programs and places dedicated to enriching your student experience.

Black Resource Center
The Black Resource Center (BRC) provides resources and support to historically underrepresented students on campus. The BRC serves as a place for students to hold critical conversations, commune with peers and access career and academic resources. Student protests and demonstrations culminated in the establishment of the BRC.

Black Student Union
The Black Student union is a student run group that focuses on the needs of Black students at UC San Diego. BSU meets every Monday at 6:30 p.m., in the Cross Cultural Center located on the 2nd Floor of Price Center East.

Black Studies Project
The Black Studies Project (BSP) is an interdisciplinary and cross departmental research collaborative and center that includes faculty, graduate and undergraduate students from across the UC San Diego campus. BSP provides a venue for rigorous and groundbreaking research, intellectual exchange and a cross-campus community of scholars; the strengthening of undergraduate and graduate work in Black Studies; and the building of sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with broader San Diego and UC communities. BSP currently focuses on three areas of inquiry: intersectional analysis of race, class, gender, and sexuality; transnational and diasporic studies; and social justice movements. These areas are not only vital to contemporary African American and African Diaspora Studies, but are central to the study of black life, history, cultural production, and politics in the US and globally.

Cross-Cultural Center
The Cross-Cultural Center is committed to supporting the needs of UC San Diego’s diverse student, staff and faculty communities. Their mission is to create a learning environment in which the entire campus community feels welcome. Within this charge, and in collaboration with existing campus programs, the Cross Cultural Center's priority is to: Facilitate the academic, professional and personal development of students, staff and faculty who are members of historically under-represented groups and provide programs and services to foster discussions on issues related to the creation of a multi-ethnic, culturally conscious university.

Diversity - Student Life
Learn about the different ways UC San Diego explores, supports, and celebrates the many cultures that make up our diverse community.

The UC San Diego Spelman/Morehouse Exchange program was developed by Thurgood Marshall College and is open to all UC San Diego undergraduates in all majors. The exchange program was officially launched in the fall quarter of 1989 providing a unique opportunity for students to live and study at important institutions of higher learning that are significantly different from the social and educational environment typical of California state colleges and universities. Similarly, the exchange students coming to UC San Diego from Morehouse and Spelman will have an opportunity to experience an exciting and very different educational environment and have great research. Morehouse College is a men's college and Spelman is a women's college; both are located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Learn more and apply at

The Hub: Basic Needs Center at UC San Diego
The Hub is a space at UC San Diego that offers students the opportunity to engage in and link to basic needs resources. The Hub works to provide nutritious food, stable housing, and financial resources for each UC San Diego student. 

Summer at UC San Diego

For more information on all summer opportunities and resources at UC San Diego, please visit the UC San Diego Summer Programs homepage

OASIS Summer Bridge Program
As a new UC San Diego student, the Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS) — UC San Diego’s campus learning center — offers you many opportunities for academic enrichment and growth. One of the many programs created for your academic excellence as a first-year student is the Summer Bridge Program.

The cultural diversity of our Summer Bridge students provides a tremendous benefit to the UC San Diego community by contributing to a campus environment of intellectual diversity and excellence. Such an educational environment is critical to prepare all aspects of the campus community for an increasingly pluralistic society. Therefore, one of our major goals is to further develop the talents and proficiencies that Summer Bridge students bring to UC San Diego, which in turn maximizes their contribution to a diverse campus.

See the Summer Services & Academic Year Services pages for an in-depth description of the Summer Bridge Program, beginning in summer till the end of your first year.

Summer Session
During the summer you can:

  • Accelerate progress towards your degree
  • Enroll in courses that are difficult to enroll in during the fall, winter or spring quarters
  • Enhance your career prospects
  • Enrich your cultural and intellectual knowledge

UC San Diego Summer Session is open to current students and visitors. For eligibility, visit Enrollment and RegistrationClick here for a Summer 2020 preview of courses!

Trio SSSP Summer Experience
The program's goal is to create a home-base environment where supportive learning takes place, using a holistic approach focusing on a student’s academic, cultural and social experience at UC San Diego. Students receive academic support, develop supportive peer networks, participate in activities designed to enhance their success, and increase their awareness of graduate and professional programs. 

UC Scholars Program
The UC Scholars Program is an 8-week, full-time summer research experience for undergraduates, supported by UC San Diego's Office of Student Affairs and Academic Enrichment Programs. 

Program Objectives: 

  • Provide students with the skills to become research scholars 
  • Stimulate students' serious consideration of graduate study 
  • Increase learning and networking opportunities for students committed to pursuing either a professional or academic research career 

The website application, which includes both a general application and some questions specific to the UC Scholars Program can be found by visiting the Undergraduate Research Hub Scholarship Opportunities homepage. Note: This site includes applications to a number of other opportunities in addition to the UC Scholars Program.